The short version:

Starting and organizing CreativeMornings Vienna has added yet another passion to the list of things I am enthusiastic about. All my various passions have made my life exciting and have made my path not straight but curvy.

I would describe myself as a happy explorer who is fascinated by visual beauty, smart branding and experiences, the delights of nicely arranged food, nature (especially the sea & flowers), self-initiated projects and new ways of doing things.

Besides being the founding member & Chief Experience Officer at CreativeMornings Vienna (the coolest personal side project you can wish for) I work as a passionate consultant in the field of branding. At the rebranding institute, a management consultancy, we design and manage tailor-made processes for the repositioning and further development of brands, companies and institutions. 

The detailed version:

I started my career as an explorer in Graz, Austria, studying Information Design. Almost at the same time I started freelancing as an illustrator and graphic designer and did various internships. At the end of my bachelor´s degree I interned at Vault49 in New York City where I worked at the cross-section of design and conception. This shaped my wish to work on a conceptual level to be able to focus on the bigger picture. Therefore, I decided to study Creative Direction in Germany.

In addition to travelling a lot during my studies, I enjoyed living in New York City (USA), Tampere (Finland), Pforzheim and Munich in Germany and Graz (Austria). Right now I am back in my hometown Vienna. However, as it is typical for an explorer, this is not the last stop on my journey.

My constant curiosity and my open mind keep me in the loop with all the things that are happening around us. From time to time I discover a new insight which is the starting point for a new creative endeavour. I am eagerly looking foward to my next discovery!

Stay awesome!

CreativeMornings Vienna Events

CreativeMornings Vienna Events

Founded in New York, CreativeMornings is a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee! After a successful application process I have been building and organizing CreativeMornings Vienna, (an inspiring monthly event which allows 80-140 people to attend) since January 2014. In my role as the Host and Head of Experience my tasks involve leading a team of 13 volunteers, finding opportunities to grow as an organisation, securing great venues, curating the monthly talks, team up with partners for food and coffee, coordinating communication across various channels (eg social media) and much more. We are the only chapter worldwide which produces their very own monthly magazine called "CreativeMornings Magazine" in order to reinforce inspiration and networking.  - Partner Food&Drinks: J.Hornig, Verival, MüllerGartner, Julius Meinl Kaffee, Lemonaid, Friya, all i need, Ströck Brot, PONA  - Partner Papergoods: REMAprint, Mondi Paper - Partner Venues: Secession Vienna, WIen Museum, Marktwirtschaft, die Angewandte, Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, MAK, Impact HUB Vienna, Museumsquartier/Raum D, Schneiderhof - Partner Community: designaustria Where to find us on the Internet:  Web: facebook: Photo Credit: Victoria Koller 


Behind-the-scence "Ottoman Paper Carpets"

This is a behind-the-scence video from the project "Ottoman Paper Carpets" for Vienna Design Week 2016. The focus of the video is to show the concept and the production process behind the project, due to the fact that at Vienna Design Week visitors just see the end product. For me it was important to show the artist´s use of different techniques, paper types and materials and the screen printing process itself, because a lot of people aren´t familiar with this kind of process. Furthermore it was my goal to catch the great vibe and colourfulness of the project and Ardan’s sunny personality. Video & Concept by Lisa Langmantel by Matthias Müller Project Team:Screenprinting Workshop: Özmenoğlu: sponsor and project initiator:

CreativeMornings Video Application

CreativeMornings Video Application

This is my application for CreativeMornings - a breakfast lecture concept for creative types from New York founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg ( In order to start CM in Vienna I had to create an application video showing why my city would be the perfect fit for another chapter of CM.  My aim was to show the vitality of the Viennese creative scene and the city itself. I am very proud that I could win over some of the most interesting creative individuals in Vienna to be part of this application. Furthermore Matthias Müller created an extraordinary sound for us. ENJOY!